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A Summer in a Wintergarden

Even though I am not sure if wintergarden in english means the same as in german, I am definitley thinking of it as a beatiful name. I could call myself lucky, if I could spent the whole summer in a wintergarden but it is just not working because of all the work I have to do. For university. Reading, writing and thinking.

Thinking of all these weird people there, not giving anything to clothes or style! Wearing these stupid rings, as if they would belong to a mystic group or something. I am not even sure, if such a group is existing at my university. Maybe I should try to find out

But as a matter of fact, summer has just started. Well, there was no real spring, which is very sad, but now I can sit in my wintergarden, trying to love the heat and the sun.

So, you have a nice summer and see you next time...

11.5.12 11:17

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